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Policies & Procedures

Here at Empire Pharmacy Consultants (EPC), we are diligent about staying current with changes within the practice of pharmacy and our policy and procedures, also known as SOPs, reflect these changes. Our SOPs are reviewed and updated several times a year to make sure they contain the most relevant information required by pharmacies.

Did you know you should up date your policy and procedures at least once a year?


Did you know the Board of Pharmacy requires each pharmacy to have a policy and procedure?


If you do not have a policy and procedure or need an updated version we can help. Whether you have a retail, specialty, non-sterile or sterile compounding pharmacy we have you covered. Our policies are also state specific because each state has their own set of requirements.

Empire Pharmacy Consultants Policies & Procedures

Call and speak with one of our highly experienced consultants and they will provide you with the assistance you need to make sure you have the right policy for your pharmacy and for your state.