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Meet the Owner

Empire Pharmacy Consultants Dr. Michael Chen

Dr. Michael Chen is the sole Founder and CEO of Empire Pharmacy Consultants. As a teenager he worked as a pharmacy technician at a drug store in Maryland until graduating from high school. Upon graduating, he left the healthcare profession and joined the United States Navy. This is where he excelled at leadership, learned how to manager teams and the importance of always following up to make sure a job is completed. He later reentered the healthcare industry as a civilian and began working as a pharmacy technician at a few hospitals which, allowed him to gain first-hand experience with compounding chemotherapy drugs, neonates as well as the intrinsic operations and politics of a hospital pharmacy.


Dr. Chen felt he could offer more to the profession of pharmacy, at which time he decided to pursue a pharmacist career. He graduated from Howard University School of Pharmacy in Washington D.C. with a Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2002.


After graduating he was accepted into an intense one-year Director of Hospital Pharmacy residency where he expanded on his previous, pre-graduation, hospital pharmacy experience and gained additional experience in the operations of a hospital pharmacy.


In addition to the postgraduate Director of Hospital Pharmacy residency, he furthered his pharmacy education and obtained a Pharmacist Consultant license (CPH).

A few years later and after gaining experience in different sectors of pharmacy he noticed there was a huge gap between the needs of pharmacists, technicians and pharmacy owners. On January 17th 2007, he founded Empire Pharmacy Consultants with the hope of narrowing or closing this gap. Dr. Chen’s ability to improve and refine anything he gets involved with and see opportunities others may miss, along with his drive to provide quality service, have helped make Empire Pharmacy Consultants the success it is today.


He maintains the following licenses:

  1. Pharmacists
  2. Pharmacist Consultant
  3. CDR
  4. Realtor

Each of these licenses have allowed Empire Pharmacy Consultants to expand into different sectors of pharmacy so it could be a more complete business. Even after many years of being in the pharmacy industry he has maintained his desire to continue to improve and provide better service.