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There is simply no other pharmacy staffing or consulting firm that offers the opportunities and advantages of Empire Pharmacy Consultants. We have hundreds of positions available for you to work, everything from rural areas to big cities. Our clients have positions ready to be filled in retail, compounding, specialty, and mail order settings across the nation.


Founded by a pharmacist, Empire Pharmacy Consultants understands that pharmacists are often overworked, need more flexible scheduling, and crave independence and new opportunities. We are that source of relief for pharmacists.


We understand that pharmacists are a precious commodity today and are too often under-appreciated. Pharmacists constantly complain about not getting the time off that they need for their families and personal matters and are more often choosing for a different way of life. Sign on with us so we can place you in a pharmacy that maintains a schedule that suits your scheduling needs.


Imagine being able to work one week and be off the next, or work just in November or December for some extra Holiday income. Well those things are possible with us! The only thing you need to do is sign up. To learn more, call today and speak with an Empire Pharmacy Consultants professional representative, at: (855) 374–1029 or fill out the Pharmacists Job Application on this page and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.



Pharmacists Job Application